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TCN signs agreement with BBTV for content aggregation


Calgary, AB.

Joint Venture "TCN" has been sealed and finalized with Vancouver's very own BroadbandTV.

The launch of "The Car Network" also known as "TCN" will provide existing YouTube Content Creators with a community of automotive enthusiasts to collaborate with. TCN's focus is to establish viewership for everyone in the automotive scene allowing a targeted connection between content creators and advertisers.

"A targeted niche will provide higher CPM's for partners while increasing conversion rates for advertisers" says Peter. "Its a win win situation".

Since YouTube's beginning in 2005 there have been millions of unmonitized automotive content uploaded on YouTube. As a result, the amount of potential in the online video industry has grow substantially.

The TCNxBBTV collaboration will provide users with some of the most advanced and innovative technologies in the online video space: VISO NOVI, for detecting and managing fan-uploaded content and VISO Catalyst for enhancing viewership and engagement for premium videos. Both platforms empower content owners and creators to become more successful online.

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